Meet the Team

Braden - Founder (Since 2008):

Braden's passion for landscaping ignited the foundation of IoM Landscaping in 2008. With over a decade of experience, he brings visionary leadership and a wealth of expertise to the company. Braden's commitment to excellence has shaped IoM Landscaping into a trusted name in the Delaware community.

Kayla - Operations Director:

Meet Kayla, the driving force behind IoM Landscaping. As Braden's wife and co-owner, she wears multiple hats, serving as the Operations Director. Kayla brings a unique blend of organizational prowess and creative insight to the team. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating seamless operations, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of every landscaping project.

Kayla's leadership extends beyond the office, where her hands-on approach contributes to the company's commitment to excellence. As a dynamic duo with Braden, Kayla is an integral part of IoM Landscaping's success, shaping the company's vision and operations since its inception in 2008.

Tom - Mulch and Soil Expert:

Meet Tom, our resident Mulch Expert at IoM Landscaping. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mulching techniques, Tom plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and sustainability of our landscaping projects. His attention to detail and passion for mulching solutions contribute to the overall success of our outdoor transformations.

As the Senior Mulch and Soil Specialist, he delves into the earth's secrets, transforming landscapes one layer at a time. With a passion for nurturing green spaces, my expertise lies in curating the perfect blend of mulch and soil to enhance the vitality of gardens and grounds. Whether it's enriching soil composition or selecting the ideal mulch for aesthetic appeal, I thrive on cultivating environments where nature flourishes. Join me on this journey of turning ordinary spaces into thriving, vibrant landscapes.

Tom's dedication goes beyond spreading mulch; he is committed to educating clients on the benefits of proper mulching and selecting the right materials for optimal plant health. His expertise ensures that every project receives the personalized touch needed to thrive. When it comes to mulching, Tom is the go-to specialist at IoM Landscaping.

Tim - Equipment Maintenance Specialist:

Say hello to Tim, our Equipment Maintenance Specialist and resident mechanic at IoM Landscaping. With a keen eye for ensuring our tools are in top-notch condition, Tim plays a crucial role in keeping our operations running smoothly. His expertise in maintaining and repairing landscaping equipment reflects our commitment to efficiency and reliability.

Tim's dedication goes beyond fixing machines; he is an integral part of the team, contributing to the seamless execution of our landscaping projects. His passion for ensuring that our equipment is always at its best ensures that we deliver on our promise of excellence.

Thomas - Director of Sarcastic Responses

One of Tom's multiple personalities Thomas, is the director of sarcastic responses. He navigates the world with a razor-sharp wit and a knack for turning mundane moments into comedic gold. With a portfolio of snarky expertise, he crafts a unique blend of humor that keeps audiences on their toes and laughing out loud. Tom's creative direction is fueled by a love for clever banter and an unapologetic embrace of sarcasm, making him the maestro of witty repartees in any scenario.

Our Team

As a cohesive team, we share Braden's dedication to transforming outdoor spaces and ensuring the highest quality in every project. Together, our diverse skills and unwavering commitment contribute to IoM Landscaping's success in creating stunning landscapes that stand the test of time.